Frequently Asked Questions

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The Flood Containment Systems containment panels are used to hold back water to either protect property from a flood event or to hold water in a confined area (e.g., agricultural holding area, retaining wall, etc.). The panels can contain up to 36” of water.

Yes! Using the optional corner panels, the containment panels can be set up on 45° or 90° angles. This is perfect for making holding pools or protecting free-standing structures (e.g., barns, utility stations, buildings, etc.).

The L-shape design is used so the water’s own weight and downward pressure keep the panels upright. If using the panels on a grassy or uneven surface, panel anchors are available for even more stability.

Yes. We tested the panels using the latest computer-based engineering and simulation procedures and the design held up against extreme loading much higher than we’ve seen in real-world events. We even tested to try to make the panels fail and we couldn’t!

As with any flood protection solution, there may be some minimal leakage depending on the type and duration of the flood event. Our testing shows no negative impacts from minimal leakage.

Each panel weighs 29 lbs. (compared to up to 30 lbs. - or more - for a single sandbag!).

The panels are stackable for ease of transport and storage. Because the panels are lightweight and have a “snap-together” functionality, they can save up to 50% of storage and transportation cost compared to sandbags.

What are the dimensions of each panel?The panels are 37 ⅝” tall, 36 3/16” wide, 40” deep, and weigh 29 lbs. (a single sandbag can weigh up to 30 lbs., or more, when full!).

The panels are made of 100% recycled materials including recycled plastic and ground tire rubber.

There are three optional components available:

- Corner Panel (for building 45° and 90° angles)

- Stainless Steel Frame (to reinforce panel during long-term holding applications)

- Front Skirt (for low, moving water)

No, but the containment panels can be pre-positioned in a flood-prone area in anticipation of a flood. They can also be placed in low, moving water as the flooding event progresses. NOTE: When placing during a flood event, take precautions that water will not knock you over and you are prepared to leave the area if flooding worsens.

The lightweight, durable, and environmentally safe design of the containment panels make them perfect for any type of water containment project. The agriculture industry could use the panels to make holding pools for water or liquid waste. Utilities can use the panels as retaining walls. Rental agencies can offer the panels to construction companies. Fish farms can use the panels to cultivate their stock. The uses are only limited by your needs and imagination!

We hired a consultant to test the panels and, using Purdue University Engineering department standards, determined the panels are impact resistant and will hold up to the weight generated by water up to 36” high. A design team was also tasked with ensuring the panels’ structure would withstand extreme loads. There were zero failures.

Yes! The environment is important to us and we take our stewardship seriously. The containment panels are made from 100% recycled plastics and crushed tire rubber. Not only are they contamination free and environmentally safe, the panels are durable, lightweight, and reusable making them truly “green”!

Yes. We offer a 10-year warranty against failure on all panels (main and corner panels) and options (anchor, skirt, and frame).

All specs and images are subject to change due to ongoing product improvement.

Patent Pending:  62/824,407